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Dangerous Guardrails Can Cause Serious Injury & Death

Our firm fights for victims injured by defective, outdated or improperly installed guardrails. Accidents involving these dangerous guardrails can be incredibly traumatic, and many find themselves questioning what's next. If you've sustained serious injuries after colliding with a guardrail, it is possible that the guardrail malfunctioned. Contact our experienced guardrail lawyers for a free consultation.

Defective Guardrail Designs

Defective guardrail designs can spell tragedy for accident victims. Guardrails exist to soften the blow of cars that collide on highways and interstates. But when defective designs are in place, they can do the exact opposite - many victims find themselves injured in ways they never might have been, had the guardrail worked as intended.

Outdated Guardrails

Outdated guardrails also pose a huge threat to motorists. As safety technology changes and develops, outdated materials and designs become more and more dangerous. When outdated guardrails remain in place, they're like ticking time bombs - one bad accident can end in catastrophe, simply because old technology hadn't yet been replaced.

Improperly Installed Guardrails

Improperly installed guardrails are a form of negligence. As taxpayers, we expect our roads and highways to be safely maintained. But when a guardrail is improperly installed, motorists' lives are at risk - because of someone else's failure to do their job right. Everyone makes mistakes, but when the safety of others is on the line, such accidents can be deadly.

Seriously Injured in an Accident Involving a Guardrail?

Our Guardrail Injury Lawyers are currently investigating serious and fatal guardrail accidents related to malfunctioning or improperly installed guardrails. If you or a loved one were injured in an accident with a guardrail, contact our attorneys to discuss your legal options. We offer a free, no obligation, consultation. GET HELP NOW 877-544-5323

Guardrail News In Your State

Guardrail News In Your State

Guardrail News & Info

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    Accident Involving Guardrail Nobody expects be have their car impaled, and least of all by a highway safety measure intended to protect you in the event of an accident.  However, that is exactly what happened this morning when a Ford Transit work van crashed into the terminal end of a guardrail on Route 6 in Continue Reading →

  • Lawmakers Call for National Recall of X-Lite Guardrail

    Lawmakers in Tennessee are calling for the U.S. Secretary of Transportation to order a nationwide recall of a controversial guardrail. The Lindsay X-Lite guardrail has played a role in as many as 11 fatal car accidents around the country. Several grieving family members came to Tennessee to support the efforts to recall the guardrail in Continue Reading →

  • Marine Killed in MD Guardrail Crash

    An 18-year-old man has died after his car crashed into a Maryland guardrail. Now, his family is doing all they can to ensure other victims of similar accidents do not end up with a similar fate. The teen was on his way to work at a recruiting office one day when his car ran off Continue Reading →

  • Grieving Dad Buys Superbowl Ad to Highlight Guardrail Dangers

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