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Arizona Takes Action Against Use of Trinity Guardrail

Late last month, Arizona suspended the use of the Trinity ET-Plus guardrail over fears of its performance in the event of an accident.

In addition to the more than 30 states that have suspended use of the guardrail, the federal government has stepped in and requested additional safety tests.

Arizona DOT - Guardrail Injury LaywerAccording to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there are 3,600 of these guardrails installed throughout the state. While this may be a small number, when compared to some other states, it only takes one to cause serious injury or death in a collision.

Before banning use, the Arizona Department of Transportation said the following in a letter to the Federal Highway Administration:

“We continue to monitor the field performance of these end terminals and to our knowledge have not experienced any unsatisfactory performance.”

Guardrail Manufacturer Defrauds Federal Government

Trinity Industries was recently found guilty of defrauding the federal government. They failed to alert regulators to design changes made back in 2005. The design change, a size reduction of just a few inches, is said to be responsible for the product’s malfunctions.

Highway guardrail end terminals are designed to absorb the pressure of colliding vehicles by forcing the sides of the guardrail to fold backward and away from the oncoming cars. Instead, the ET-Plus has been known to spear through crashing cars and injure passengers. Some have even had limbs amputated by the sharp guardrail sides.

With Trinity ET-Plus guardrails in use in every state in the US, federal and state authorities are concerned about future accidents causing unnecessary injuries and deaths.

Seriously Injured in an Accident Involving a Guardrail?

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