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Guardrail Crash Testing Begins in Texas

A series of federally mandated crash tests have begun on a controversial piece of highway safety equipment. The ET-Plus, designed by Trinity Industries, has been known to malfunction in car accidents. Rather than protect passengers by folding backward under the weight of the collision, the ET-Plus has acted a spear, piercing vehicles and injuring those inside. Some have experienced amputation, others death.

The fault in the product may lie in a redesign that went unauthorized and untested by federal regulators back in 2005. The reduction in size of a crucial metal piece could be the reason the device is defective. With hundreds of thousands of these guardrails scattered throughout our country, crash testing is critical in determining the role of the ET-Plus on our roads.

According to, the first of eight crash tests indicated that the guardrail end terminal acted as it should in a collision. It involved a pickup truck approaching the guardrail from an angle. The next test will involve a head on collision. All eight tests should be completed by January, with the Federal Highway Administration on hand to determine the safety of the product.

Over thirty states have temporarily banned the installation of the ET-Plus, but few have actually resolved to remove them from the road. Road crews do not typically keep track of which device is installed where, so the removal process will likely be expensive and lengthy. Virginia recently filed a lawsuit against Trinity Industries that will require the company to cover the costs of removing and replacing the guardrails.

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