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Accident Involving Guardrail

Nobody expects be have their car impaled, and least of all by a highway safety measure intended to protect you in the event of an accident.  However, that is exactly what happened this morning when a Ford Transit work van crashed into the terminal end of a guardrail on Route 6 in West Barnstable, Massachusetts.  Approximately 10 feet of guardrail punctured the vehicle going from the engine compartment through the passenger side seat.

This is just the latest in a long string of cases where guardrails have been found to run through cars instead of crumbling to absorb the shock of an impact.  Guardrail end terminals that predate the National Cooperative Highway Research Program’s Report 350 are especially dangerous and may be considered non-crashworthy, while several personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits have been brought against Trinity Industries for their ET-Plus guardrail.

At this time it is not clear what kind of guardrail system was involved in the accident.

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The Lindsay X-Lite guardrail end terminals are the subject of yet another lawsuit. The safety device has drawn criticism after several deadly accidents, many of which have occurred in Massachusetts. The state is home to the second most X-Lite guardrails in the country, with only West Virginia outnumbering them. Though officials have no plans to remove any from Massachusetts roads, they do plan to stop installing them this fall.

Many accidents involving the X-Lite have resulted in death or amputation because of the way the device sometimes malfunctions. Designed to collapse under the weight of colliding vehicles, the X-Lite should accordion backward when struck. Instead, the device has been known to slice through oncoming cars, scissoring through metal, glass and eventually even the passengers inside the vehicle. Many times, the injuries sustained in the accident because of the X-Lite are worse than had the guardrail not been there at all. Of course, when functioning correctly, these guardrails can be lifesavers. But it shouldn’t be such a roll of the die, families of victims say.

For many bereaved family members, accepting Lindsay Transportation Solution’s explanation that these accidents simply happen sometimes isn’t possible. They argue that these guardrails should not be on our roads if they can malfunction so horrifically.

Last month, the Federal Highway Administration announced that a review of the safety data revealed the device was safe. There is no federal recommendation to remove the guardrail end terminals, but several states including Tennessee are moving forward with the removal process.

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The final results of the Trinity Industries crash tests are in: all eight received passing scores from the Federal Highway Administration. The eight tests utilized guardrails of two different heights, one measuring 27 3/4 inches, one 31 inches.

Critics say the final of the eight tests should have been ruled a failure, as the guardrail severely dented the driver’s side door. Many believe that the Federal Highway Administration has given these test passing grades to cover for the poor job the government did in vetting the material. Some argue that by admitting the guardrails aren’t safe for the road, the administration would be admitting their failure to properly do their jobs. The agency says they will continue to investigate the ET-Plus, as more than 30 states currently have banned the guardrail from future installation.

ABC 13 News Now recently reported that Virginia has not received any application for approval from Trinity Industries to install any more of the ET-Plus guardrails on the Commonwealth’s roads. VDOT, the Virginia Department of Transportation, says more tests will be done to prove the reliability of the ET-Plus. They are also currently accepting bids from companies to remove the problematic guardrails from the roads.

Trinity Industries was fined for defrauding the government by failing to alert regulators to changes in the size of the ET-Plus. A small change in size has reportedly resulted in major product malfunctions, causing severe injuries and even fatalities among crash victims.

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