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Trinity Industries Denies Crash Test Problems

The federally mandated crash tests of a controversial highway safety device have now been completed, with one of the tests likely resulting in a failure. Only four of the eight have officially received passing marks, but experts claim the last in the series will likely be deemed a failure. Indeed, crash test photos show a test vehicle significantly damaged on the driver’s side door. The door has been inward by the guardrail. Had a driver actually been inside the cabin, they would have likely been severely injured in a crash like this one.

The guardrail manufacturer, Trinity Industries, has since fired back against these claims. Trinity defends the crash test, arguing that the experts were not present at the tests and should not be commenting without proper background knowledge of the individual tests. Because the final test has not been fully analyzed by federal regulators, Trinity argues, experts should not speculate on results.

Still, critics aren’t so hesitant. Joshua Harman, the whistleblower who alerted the federal authorities about the ET-Plus malfunction recently spoke to ABC News about the crash test. “If they classify that as a pass,” he said, “they might as well say the Titanic didn’t sink.” Indeed, photos of the test are quite damning. No one could look at those test results and argue the ET-Plus should remain on our roads and highways. Still, the Federal Highway Administration has the ultimate call and will release their results soon. The video of the first four crash tests are already available on their website.

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