Deadly Guardrails Pose Threat, Whistleblower Claims

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A whistle blowing engineer who has been traveling the country investigating dangerous guardrail heads is now claiming that the model isn’t just unsafe – it’s downright deadly. Joshua Harman spoke to about his belief that the guardrail head known as the ET-Plus can “literally impale the vehicle, go through the car.”

In Tennessee, it is estimated that as many as 98% of the guardrail end terminals on there roads are the ET-Plus designs. Still, there’s no plan for a recall like the one in Virginia. Only the Old Dominion has stepped up to replace the malfunctioning guardrail heads with an alternative, safer option. The ET-Plus is found in nearly every state in the country, and even in some Canadian provinces.

There are more than 40 lawsuits across the country against Trinity, but as the investigation continues, that number will likely grow. Considering the breadth and depth of this company’s impact, the influence that this modified guardrail head has on the nation’s road safety is incomprehensible.

With these unsafe guardrail end terminals still on the roads throughout the country, it is only a matter of time before more people are injured or killed in accidents involving the ET-Plus. Until the Federal Highway Administration announces crash tests results and makes a recommendation regarding future installation of the product, more dangerous accidents involving the guardrail head are likely. A product recall is the safest bet in getting the materials off the road quickly, but is unlikely to occur without a mandate from the FHWA.

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