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One person is dead and another is injured after colliding with a metal guardrail. The January incident occurred when the vehicle left the roadway and crashed into the highway guardrail. Instead of folding under the weight of the vehicle as intended, the guardrail remained rigid, piercing the cabin of the car. Officials say the guardrail penetrated the engine which pushed it into the front seats, instantly killing the driver.

When Guardrails Malfunction

Guardrails are, first and foremost, safety devices. They’re designed to crumple under the force of colliding vehicles, eventually slowing the cars to a stop. In some cases, though, guardrails don’t accordion back as they should. As in this case, they sometimes remain rigid, impaling the vehicles they’re designed to bring to a stop. This transforms the safety device into a terrifying, dangerous shard of metal that can do deadly damage to drivers and passengers alike.

Justice for Guardrail Victims

Unfortunately, this is far from the only fatal accident linked to a malfunctioning guardrail. At least seven people have died in similar incidents involving the Lindsay X-Lite guardrail end terminals. It’s not clear which model of guardrail was involved in this incident, but the result is eerily similar to other fatal X-Lite crashes. As the investigation into this woman’s death continues, authorities may discover a link between the design of the guardrail and this tragic accident.

Guardrail manufacturers owe it to the public to provide safe, effective safety devices for the roads and highways upon which we all travel. When they fail to do so, the companies responsible can be held liable for their negligence.

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