Guardrail Safety Tests Will Determine Future of Nevada Roads

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Nevada state officials say they will wait for crash test results to determine the future role a controversial highway safety mechanism will play on their roads. The Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Nevada became one of the first of many states this year to temporarily suspend use of the ET-Plus guardrail end terminal. As more states followed Nevada’s lead, investigations begun to understand why the guardrail head might be malfunctioning. As detailed in a recent lawsuit, the manufacturer of the guardrail head, Trinity Industries, was found to have made unauthorized changes to the design. Those changes never went through the rigorous crash tests necessary for safety equipment.

New safety tests have been demanded by states across the country, and results should be in at the beginning of 2015. Ultimately, it will be up to the Federal Highway Association to make the decision if the guardrail end terminal is safe. Should the safety tests reveal further problems with the ET-Plus, transportation departments nationwide will be tasked with hunting down and removing the dangerous materials from the road. Because road crews do not keep track of which model is installed where, this could be a lengthy process.

Until then, experts say there are potentially thousands of the malfunctioning guardrail end terminals sitting on our nation’s roads and highways. Several lawsuits claim that when the ET-Plus model malfunctions, it pierces the cabin of crashing vehicles, injuring and even killing victims. Some have had their limbs amputated by the guardrail head. Many are left questioning just how safe the alleged safety devices are.

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