Kentucky Suspends Use of Guardrail

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Kentucky is one of over thirty other US states suspending the installation of a highly scrutinized highway safety device.

The device’s manufacturer, Trinity Industries, is no longer shipping out the model due to safety concerns, but Kentucky’s Transportation Cabinet has decided to remove the guardrail end terminal from its list of approved materials. reports that until Trinity Industries proves via crash testing that their product is safe, their model will not be used on Kentucky’s roads.

The ET-Plus guardrail end terminal has been under fire following an investigation by ABC that found the device had been frequently malfunctioning. Trinity Industries was also recently found guilty of defrauding the federal government by failing to report unauthorized changes in their product’s design. Internal emails have revealed that the design change – a reduction in the size of a crucial metal piece on the guardrail head – saved the company in production costs.

Reports from across the country have revealed just how dangerous this device can be when it malfunctions. Guardrail end terminals are the black and yellow striped heads attached to highway guardrails. They are supposed to absorb some of the speed of colliding vehicles in accidents, pushing the sharp guardrail edges backward and away from the oncoming cars. Instead, the ET-Plus has been known to spear right through vehicles, injuring and even killing some passengers. Amputations have also been reported as results of accidents involving this particular guardrail end terminal model.

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