Lawmakers Call for National Recall of X-Lite Guardrail

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Lawmakers in Tennessee are calling for the U.S. Secretary of Transportation to order a nationwide recall of a controversial guardrail. The Lindsay X-Lite guardrail has played a role in as many as 11 fatal car accidents around the country. Several grieving family members came to Tennessee to support the efforts to recall the guardrail in question. The resolution will head to the governor’s desk for his signature.

Banned and Replaced

Tennessee has lead the charge against Lindsay X-Lite guardrails, with the state’s Department of Transportation banning the installation of the safety devices on their roads. The state also has plans to remove and replace all of the controversial guardrails on their roads by summer 2018. Nearly 2,000 of the Lindsay X-Lites were on Tennessee roads before the removal began.

Design Flaws or Improper Installation

Guardrails are made up of multiple pieces that are designed to slide into each other when struck, also known as “telescoping.” Unfortunately, the Lindsay X-Lite has been known to fail to telescope when it most needs to. Multiple fatal crashes have involved the guardrail failing to collapse under the weight of colliding vehicles. Instead, the metal guardrail pierces the vehicle, slicing through the car and the passengers inside. Victims have suffered from severed limbs, and some have even been impaled by the sharp guardrail pieces.

Some say the Lindsay X-Lite has been improperly designed, while others argue that improper installation is to blame for the malfunction. Regardless, people have lost loved ones because of the X-Lite’s failure to work as intended. We can only hope that this recall is the start of real change.

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