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An 18-year-old man has died after his car crashed into a Maryland guardrail. Now, his family is doing all they can to ensure other victims of similar accidents do not end up with a similar fate. The teen was on his way to work at a recruiting office one day when his car ran off the road, striking a guardrail. While exact reasons as to why the young man’s vehicle left the road are unknown, what happened next likely contributed to his death: his vehicle collided with an Lindsay X-LITE end terminal.

Other Victims

Designed to help bring colliding vehicles to a slow and safe stop, these particular end terminals have been linked to many other deaths throughout the country. The victim’s mother said she was shocked to learn that at least seven other people have died in a similar fashion. All eight of the fatal crashes involved the X-LITE end terminal. Five lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturer of the safety device, Lindsay Transportation Solutions, claiming that the guardrail is defective.

Justice for the Victim

Now, the family of the victim is seeking justice for their lost loved one. They hope to raise awareness about the dangers associated with this kind of guardrail end terminal. They also hope to convince Maryland officials to remove and replace the guardrail with something safer. There are more than 900 X-LITE end terminals currently on Maryland roads.

At least ten other states are working to remove the X-LITE from their roads and highways, but Maryland says they have no plans to do so.

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