Grieving Dad Buys Superbowl Ad to Highlight Guardrail Dangers

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A grieving father will stop at nothing to ensure the guardrail that malfunctioned in his daughter’s car accident does not cause more fatalities. The Tennessee father has made headlines as he travels around the country advocating for the removal of the Lindsay X-LITE guardrail. Present on roads across the country, the guardrails have been known to impale vehicles that collide into them, causing devastating injuries to the passengers inside. Now, the man hopes to capture the attention of the president with a commercial airing during the Superbowl pre-game coverage.

Malfunctioning Guardrails

Guardrails are designed to absorb the weight and speed of colliding vehicles. They should crumple under impact, bringing the vehicles to a safe stop – or at least a safer one than the alternative. Instead, the Lindsay X-LITE guardrail has been known to spear the cars crashing into them, slicing through the vehicles and causing severe injuries to the people inside. This malfunction has been dismissed by the manufacturers, saying that no product can prevent every fatal accident. Such explanations are simply not good enough for grieving families, which is why the father from Tennessee has been so proactive in seeking change.

Progress, Slow and Steady

The man’s attempts to get the Lindsay X-LITEs off the road have already been successful in some states. Virginia removed the product from their list of approved devices in 2016, and other states are following suit. Until all are removed from roads across the country, however, this father will likely not stop. We can only hope his advocacy will continue to make changes for the good.

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