Tennessee Father Brings Awareness to Dangerous Guardrails Across US

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When a loved one is lost, grieving is to be expected. One Tennessee father has gone beyond grieving after losing his daughter. Instead, he has made it his mission to get the defective guardrails that allegedly killed his daughter off American roads. Most recently, he’s turned his sights to North Carolina, where thousands of the defective guardrails line roads and highways.

Tennessee Department of Transportation officials agree with the man and have begun removing the safety devices from their roads. Unfortunately, not every state is doing the same. North Carolina transportation officials say that the X-LITE guardrails have not caused nor been involved with any fatal crashes in the state. They say that it would be too time-consuming and expensive to remove the thousands of X-LITE guardrails already on their roads.

The good news? No new X-LITES will be installed on North Carolina roads and highways. The state has fast tracked a new guardrail. X-LITES will only be replaced when necessary, though.

Undeterred, the grieving father has continued his mission without the state’s help. In fact, he has been posting on North Carolina Craigslist pages offering people money to come forward with information on X-LITE crashes and locations. Because transportation officials refuse to release such information, he must instead collect it all himself.

The makers of the X-LITE guardrails, Lindsay Transportation Solutions, says that while their guardrails can’t prevent all traffic fatalities, their product is safe. They are in accordance with federal safety standards.

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