After Loss of Father, Family Sues Guardrail Maker

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In the months following the controversy surrounding the ET-Plus guardrail end terminal, we’ve heard countless stories of people injured or killed when the guardrail malfunctions. Now, after the loss of their father, one Arizona family is striking back against the company that makes the ET-Plus, Trinity Industries. The family has filed a lawsuit against the company and the state transportation department, claiming that the guardrail was unsafe for the road.

When the family’s loved one got into an accident last April, the ET-Plus speared through his newspaper delivery truck’s front end, severing the man’s leg. Tragically, he did not survive this wreck. His family’s lawsuit alleges that the bolts of the guardrail “jammed” through the exit gate, which is why the guardrail malfunctioned.

This is far from the first lawsuit filed against the ET-Plus maker Trinity Industries. Indeed, the guardrail has caused the company lots of legal trouble. Last fall, a Texas jury found Trinity Industries guilty of defrauding the federal government by failing to report changes in design to regulators.

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