Senator Shocked by Guardrail Test Results

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Critics of the ET-Plus guardrail have long argued that the safety device is unfit for our roads. They’ve argued that the guardrail malfunctions in the most dangerous times possible: during a crash. They’ve claimed the guardrail pierces the cabin of oncoming cars, injuring, amputating and even killing accident victims. In spite of these claims, the ET-Plus has remained on roads across the country. Now, crash test photos and videos of the federally mandated ET-Plus crash test reveals the worst, with one senator calling the images “hideously shocking.”

The ET-Plus was designed to crunch under the impact of colliding vehicles, folding backward like an accordion. This motion ideally helps to slow down the accident to a stop. Unfortunately, the guardrail has been known to malfunction, puncturing the engines, footwells, and doors of oncoming cars. These claims led the Highway Safety Administration to order crash tests from the manufacturer of the ET-Plus, Trinity Industries. Of the eight tests conducted this winter, seven are believed to have passed. The results of the eighth test have shocked the world.

Trinity Industries has defended the images, arguing that no one can judge a crash test by photos. Still, the images are undeniably grim. Had a real driver been behind the wheel, it is doubtful he or she would have walked away unharmed in such a crash. Official results of the test are still pending, but most believe the eighth test will indeed be deemed a failure. If photos like the ones of that crash test are to be believed, the ET-Plus truly has no place on our roads and highways.

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