Unapproved X-LITE Guardrail Terminal Kills Teen in Tennessee Crash

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An unapproved guardrail may have worsened a Tennessee accident that claimed the life of a teenage girl.​

When a safety device is added to our roads and highways, it undergoes a vetting process to ensure it is indeed safe for use and functioning as intended. In most cases, these devices are added to an “approved” list once they are confirmed to be safe and useful. In some cases, though, devices can be removed from the list if they don’t perform as expected.

Just because a device is removed from that list, though, doesn’t mean the state’s Department of Transportation immediately removes and replaces the device. That appears to be the case with the tragic crash in Tennessee. The guardrail in question was removed from the approved list just one month before the accident for “ongoing concerns” regarding its safety for vehicles traveling more than 45 miles per hour.

When the 17-year-old motorist lost control of her vehicle and collided with the guardrail, it impaled her car. Instead of collapsing under the pressure of the vehicle and slowing the collision to a halt, the guardrail hit the girl in her chest and head. She died instantly, reports say.​

Had this guardrail been removed and replaced, perhaps this accident would not have ended so tragically. No highway crash involving guardrails is ideal, but when the safety devices work as intended, they lessen the severity of the crash.

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