Guardrail Safety Test “Fails Miserably”

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The ET-Plus guardrail system has reportedly failed the independent crash tests requested by the Virginia Department of Transportation, reports. Though the official results have not been released, documents filed with the Virginia Attorney General’s office indicate that a test involving the ET-Plus guardrail and a pickup truck “failed miserably.” While we await official word from VDOT, this news is not good for Virginia drivers who rely upon the guardrails to keep them safe on Commonwealth roads and highways.

Trinity Industries Guilty of Defrauding the Federal Government

The ET-Plus guardrail, manufactured by Texas-based Trinity Industries, has come under fire in recent years. Last fall, the company was found guilty of defrauding the federal government by failing to alert regulators to changes in the device’s design. This small change made the ET-Plus cheaper to manufacture, experts say, but also dramatically decreased the effectiveness of the guardrail. Instead of curling back under the pressure of a colliding vehicle, the ET-Plus has been known to pierce cars and injure – even fatally so – passengers and drivers inside.

Photos of this most recent crash test show a pickup truck that flipped and landed on the guardrail after the head-on crash. Though it’s supposed to be a safety device, the ET-Plus may do more harm than good. It will likely take VDOT hundreds of hours and millions of dollars to remove these guardrails from our roads, which is why the agency has filed suit against Trinity Industries. This crash test is just the latest piece in the growing case against the guardrail manufacturer.

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