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A court in Texas has denied a motion to move the controversial Trinity Industries guardrail lawsuit to a courtroom in east Texas. That means the trial will instead be held right here in Norfolk. WAVY reports that a key guardrail crash occurred in Cape Charles. The key players who helped work the scene of the accident – the police, first responders – as well as the victims and witnesses are all located in the Hampton Roads area. Despite Trinity Industries’ Texas home base, it simply made more sense to hold the trial in Norfolk.

The accident at the heart of this lawsuit occurred in November of 2011. The driver fell asleep at the wheel before crashing into one of Trinity’s guardrails, the ET-Plus. Designed to peel away and bring a crashing car to a safe stop, the guardrail instead pierced the vehicle, spearing the front. The couple inside the car were seriously injured and lucky to make it out alive.

Though no one will argue that the car accident was caused by Trinity Industries, the lawsuit alleges that this collision should have been much less dangerous than it ultimately was. Had the ET-Plus acted in the appropriate manner, it would never have injured this couple as badly as it did. The lawsuit alleges that the company purposefully deceived the federal government by not revealing key changes to the device’s design.

Ultimately, a jury will decide whether or not to award the couple damages. Either way, Trinity Industries will be under fire yet again for their dangerous guardrail design.

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