Virginia Guardrail Crash Tests Begin This Week

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The Virginia Department of Transportation has announced a new round of crash testing will begin this week. The tests will help to determine if Trinity Industries’ ET-Plus guardrail is safe enough to remain on Commonwealth roads. The guardrail design in question has been the focus of much controversy following many deadly device malfunctions across the country. Though the guardrail passed the Federal Highway Administration’s crash tests last December, VDOT hopes another round of rigorous testing will help determine just how safe – or unsafe – the device actually is.

VDOT has not responded to news station requests nor Trinity Industries for more information about the forthcoming tests, but insiders report that the series of six tests will be conducted by a California company beginning September 17. Tests of low-end guardrail have failed in many other scenarios, so VDOT will focus their attention to those kinds of crashes.

The results of these tests will play a large role in the current lawsuit Virginia’s Attorney General has filed against Trinity Industries. States across the country will also look to the test results to help determine the fate of the guardrails on their own roads. Nearly every state in the nation has banned the future installation of the ET-Plus, but thousands remain on roads and highways across the country.

The ET-Plus has been known to pierce vehicles rather than peel away during a collision. The sharp metal of the guardrail slices through cars, injuring and even killing passengers. Experts say the design of the device was altered to lower manufacturing costs, but the changes made the guardrails less effective and more dangerous.

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