Allegedly Deadly Highway Guardrail Found On Utah Roads

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Utah is joining the long list of states growing concerned over the presence of the controversial ET-Plus guardrail on their roads and highways. Indeed, there are more than 300 of these guardrails on Utah streets and they are found in 49 different states. The guardrails have been the center of controversy following allegations that they malfunction when struck in accidents. Sources report that more than 1,000 injuries and 50 deaths have been blamed on the ET-Plus.

Unlike properly functioning guardrails, the ET-Plus has been known to pierce oncoming vehicles. Acting as a spear, the guardrail end terminal sometimes goes through the front of cars and comes up through the driver’s side foot well. This sharp, jagged metal has severed limbs and even ended lives. In fact, the allegations against Trinity Industries, the company that manufactures the ET-Plus, have grown so serious that the Federal Highway Association has ordered the guardrails be crash tested to prove their safety. The results of the tests should be available to the public soon.

The danger of the ET-Plus may lie in an unauthorized design change Trinity Industries made in 2005. By changing a critical metal piece from 5″ to 4″, they saved money on manufacturing costs. Unfortunately, safety experts say that this size reduction is likely the cause of the product’s malfunction. Since 2005, thousands of these guardrails have been installed on roads across the country. Only time will tell whether the ET-Plus will have a role on our streets in the future.

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