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The last of eight federally mandated crash tests on the ET-Plus guardrail has been completed in San Antonio, Texas. The tests were ordered following allegations that the highway safety mechanism was malfunctioning, injuring and killing those involved in guardrail crashes. Because of such claims, more than forty states banned the installation of the Trinity Industries product.

Virginia was one of the only states to make progress toward removing ET-Plus guardrails from its roads. Virginia Department of Transportation ordered their own round of crash testing to determine the product’s safety. reports that of the 197 crashes recorded, 69 of them involved an ET-Plus guardrail. Regulators found that with a few exceptions, the guardrail worked as intended.

Still, some critics of the crash tests are concerned about the reliability of such results. Two senators recently wrote to regulators asking for newer cars to be included in the tests, along with a wider variety of angles. These factors could majorly impact the way the ET-Plus performs in crash situations.

In the meantime, no final decision has been made about the reliability of the ET-Plus nor its future on American roads. Considering how serious allegations against Trinity Industries have been – including claims that the ET-Plus malfunctions and slices through cars, amputating passengers’ limbs – it is doubtful these test results will be enough to clear their name. In October, a jury fined the company $525 million for hiding changes they made to the design of the ET-Plus. With that ruling in mind, regulators are surely being cautious about the future of the ET-Plus.

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