Crash Test Results Support Allegations Against Trinity Industries

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New crash test results of a controversial safety device may bolster claims against the company that manufactures the guardrails in question. Dallas-based Trinity Industries was recently mandated by the Federal Highway Administration to test their ET-Plus guardrail end terminals. The mandate followed hundreds of claims that the device was malfunctioning across the country, injuring and even killing those involved in ET-Plus accidents.

The ET-Plus, like all guardrail end terminals, is designed to crumple under pressure – think of an accordion folding back into itself. Unfortunately, the ET-Plus hasn’t always worked this way. Some claim that the guardrail has pierced vehicles, acting like a spear and slicing at passengers inside cars. These kinds of accidents have resulted in fatalities and serious injuries, including amputation of limbs.

The crash results are still being compiled into an official report, but early indicators show that the tests may prove the malfunction claims to be true. Some critics argue that the low angle tests Trinity ran indicates the level of danger these guardrails have the potential for. These safety devices are intended to keep us safer in accident situations. If they do not work as intended, they need removed from our roads as soon as possible.

The ET-Plus guardrails are on the roads in 49 states. More than 30 of those states have banned the installation of these guardrails pending the results of the crash tests. Only Virginia has begun work to remove the ET-Plus from the Commonwealth’s roads, but as there are thousands throughout the area, it will indeed be a long road ahead.

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