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The last of eight crash tests of the ET-Plus guardrail has finished, with a report due to the public in the coming weeks. One expert, however, claims that the final test proves just how dangerous the ET-Plus can be. In fact, the expert claims, the test may have indeed failed the eighth test.

In a video of the crash test obtained by, the guardrail clearly punctures the driver’s side door of the colliding vehicle. Had a person been behind the wheel in an accident such as this, they would have been severely injured or killed. The large dent protrudes severely into the car, a scary image for anyone who has ever been involved in an accident. It’s easy to see just how dangerous this crash situation would have been for the driver, and how the ET-Plus negatively affected the collision.

Trinity Industries, the manufacturing company behind the ET-Plus, claims the first four crash tests in the series of eight passed with flying colors. These results, however, may not paint an accurate picture of how every ET-Plus reacts in crash scenarios. The terminals used in the tests have come under scrutiny after it was announced the ET-Plus guardrails used in the tests came from a warehouse – not from an actual road or highway. Rumor also has it that there are design differences between the models being tested and the models currently in use on roads throughout the country.

With crash test results due next month, the nation will be watching to see the fate of the ET-Plus.

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