Despite Controversy, ET-Plus Guardrail Still Not Banned in NC

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The ET-Plus has faced criticism and banning from nearly all 50 of the United States. With malfunction claims against the product stating that it causes more dangerous crash situations, safety experts across the country have been carefully inspecting the guardrail’s role on their state’s highways. Indeed, 46 states have banned the installation of the ET-Plus pending further investigation into the potential malfunction.

North Carolina, however, is one of the four states that have not banned the controversial guardrail. Despite knowledge of six North Carolina ET-Plus crashes – two of which resulted in deaths – the North Carolina Department of Transportation does not feel there is enough evidence to remove the devices from roads. One North Carolina man lost his leg in an accident involving the ET-Plus. He recently told that he still struggles to stand, even with a prothesis. Nationwide, there have been more than 40 deaths and 100 injuries associated with ET-Plus guardrail crashes.

The company behind the ET-Plus, Trinity Industries, insists their product is safe. Trinity is currently conducting a series of federally mandated crash tests to prove the value of their product and to determine the future of its role on our country’s roads. The National Highway Administration announced that the ET-Plus has officially passed four of the eight tests, with other results still pending. If the tests indeed find the guardrail unsafe for our streets, North Carolina and the other three states will have no choice but to ban the use of the ET-Plus.

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