Georgia to Stop Installing ET-Plus Guardrail

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Georgia is falling in line with many other states that have announced its intentions to stop installing the potentially dangerous ET-Plus guardrail system manufactured by Trinity.

Georgia - Guardrail Injury LawyerAccording to the Georgia Department of Transportation, the state will stop installing these guardrails until new crash test results are released.

Even though the guardrail is meant to absorb energy in the event of an accident, some experts believe it can malfunction, thus leading to the guardrail piercing through the vehicle.

According to a local report by Channel 2, a man was killed when he was a passenger in a vehicle involved in an accident on Interstate 285. It is believed that the guardrail went through a rear door and eventually struck him in the back of the head.

Georgia is a bit behind the rest of the country when it comes to guardrail safety, with the state still using a type of guardrail that federal officials recommended be removed more than 15 years ago.

This time around, it appears that Georgia is getting serious about the problem at hand. Until additional test results are released by the manufacturer of the ET-Plus guardrail system, the state will cease installation.

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