Iowa Elects Not to Ban Controversial Guardrail

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As states across the country are blacklisting Trinity Industries, Iowa remains confident that guardrail heads in question are safe for their roads. They are one of the few states keeping the product on their list of approved materials – at least until safety tests confirm the product has actually been malfunctioning.

The guardrail in question, ET-Plus, is said to have a malfunctioning head. The guardrail head is designed to absorb the impact of colliding cars, but many accident victims have claimed the rail has instead pierced their vehicles, slicing right through, injuring and sometimes killing passengers.  A whistleblower alerted authorities that the malfunction may be the result of a 2005 redesign that went unreported to federal regulators. A jury recently found Trinity Industries had defrauded the government by not sharing the information.

Trinity Industries claims there is no malfunction and is performing extra safety tests to prove their guardrail heads work properly. Rather than wait for the results, many states have already chosen not to install any new ET-Plus guardrails – better safe than sorry. Iowa, though, is one of the few states holding out hope that the guardrail is safe. reports that there are no known Iowan injuries associated with the guardrails, so the state feels comfortable continuing to install the materials. Trinity Industries has reportedly stopped shipping the product out.

The Federal Highway Administration has given Trinity Industries through the end of the month to conduct new crash tests. Those results will be critical in deciding whether the ET-Plus has any future on Iowa’s – or the nation’s – roads.

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