Guardrails To Be Removed from Virginia Roads

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Plans to remove a potentially deadly highway safety devices from Virginia roads are underway. reports that the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) announced these plans via a letter from the state’s chief engineer. The decision comes following controversy associated with the ET-Plus guardrail and its potential malfunction. Accident victims across the country have noted the guardrails tendency to lock up and pierce the cabin of colliding vehicles rather than fold backward to stop the crash as designed.

It’s not known precisely how many ET-Plus guardrails are on roads round Virginia, which is part of what makes the removal process such a challenge. VDOT recently posted a bid requesting the identification and removal process of the ET-Plus guardrails, with all bids due by March. VDOT says, however, they will only award the bid should they indeed choose to move forward on the project.

These baby steps in the right direction may not seem like enough, but Virginia is one of the only states to even begin planning for the removal process. Most states are awaiting the results of a series of crash tests ordered by the federal government. Trinity Industries, the manufacturer of the ET-Plus, conducted these eight tests over the last few months. Only the results of the first four tests have been released thus far, with safety experts expressing concern over the eighth and final test. In that particular test, the driver’s side door was smashed in by the guardrail. Though no official ruling on the test has been made public yet, many speculate that it will receive a failing grade.

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