Court Ruling on Trinity Guardrail Penalty Forthcoming

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A Texas judge must soon rule about just how much Trinity Industries will be fined for defrauding the U.S. government. A jury last fall found that the company had deceived regulators about changes made to the design of the ET-Plus guardrail installed along roads and highways across the country. The whistle blower in the case is asking for $709 million in fines and an additional $19 million in lawyer fees. reports that Trinity Industries plans to appeal the decision, but in the meantime, more lawsuits against the company have piled up. Counties in Illinois and Wisconsin, along with a city in Ontario have all filed suit against Trinity. The Canadian suit is seeking damages of $400 million (USD) after the company failed to report potential dangers associated with the ET-Plus.

The guardrail in question has been known to malfunction, piercing vehicles instead of folding backward to stop the accident from speeding off road. This spear-like effect has lead to serious injuries including amputations. Some victims have even died in crashes associated with the ET-Plus. What makes the product especially dangerous is just how many are found in the United States and Canada. Nearly every state has purchased and installed these safety devices on their highways. They remain on roads throughout the country in spite of the allegations of malfunctions. Though dozens of states have banned the future installation of the ET-Plus, thousands of these guardrails are already on our roads, posing an incredible threat to any cars that might come into contact with them.

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