Senators Demand Investigation of Federal Highway Administration

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Six Senators have penned a letter to the Government Accountability Office seeking an investigation into the Federal Highway Administration. After the controversy surrounding the ET-Plus guardrail and its role on American roads, the policymakers have questioned the FHWA’s approval of the device. The agency also awarded grant money to ensure widespread installation of the ET-Plus. The Senators cited seven specific areas of concern regarding the FHWA.

To start, the letter says, the investigation should look into how the FHWA ensures products are safe. Next, the regulatory process for creating standards should be investigated. The Senators also requested information on how the FHWA develop safety standards and what policies are in place to prevent conflicts of interest from occurring.

32 states have banned the installation of the ET-Plus device following allegations of dangerous device malfunctions. These allegations have resulted in multiple lawsuits against the ET-Plus manufacturer, Trinity Industries. When the device malfunctions, it has been known to lock up and spear colliding vehicles. This piercing effect has injured and killed many. Some have even had limbs amputated by the sharp metal of the guardrail.

The FHWA has responded to the letter, saying they would fully cooperate with the investigation. Considering the ubiquity of the ET-Plus across the United States, it’s incredibly important that the government agency – an agency specifically designed to ensure safe roads for citizens – be investigated. A Texas jury found that Trinity Industries had defrauded the federal government by failing to announce changes made to the design of the ET-Plus. If a change like that can slip past regulators, perhaps an investigation is a good idea indeed.

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